Thursday, October 14, 2010


For the record. I really don't feel like doing this tonight. But, we opened the champagne yesterday, and if we don't drink it soon, it won't be much good, and the weekend it packed, so tonight it is, we tried the Bellini. This is the first drink that I knew for sure, I'd like. And sure enough I do. It's sweet and girly, and light, with just a hint of sour. But, it's also not terribly interesting. It's expected. However a nice shake up on the mimosa, and definitely a pick for a girly day at the spa or something similar.

1 1/2 oz peach juice

Pour peach juice into a champagne flute, fill glass with champagne and garnish with a peach slice (we skipped the garnish)
For the record, my husband, who hates champagne actually really liked this drink! Approved by all of us, room mate included!

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