Monday, May 11, 2009


Things have been quiet around here as I've been very focused on my student teaching. But we have been making progress. Here are some highlights.

*Dress- I am nearly finished with my initial mock up, though I am rethinking the design. I might do a different dress, this one feels... underwhelming.

*Location- We are officially going to have it at the Long Tom Grange, we are just waiting for me to get my new box of checks from the bank (I ran out) so that I can send in my deposit for it.

*Catering- We have met with two caterers, Cornucopia and Carte Blanche Catering. Right now we like pretty much everything about them both, we just need to decide which is going to be more affordable. The only thing is we don't have the money for the deposit on that right now, though we may be able to borrow it from my parents.

*Photography- Booked and deposit paid! Yay Michael Brinkerhoff!

... and that's what we have for sure... more later?