Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pray thee fill me my glass...

I have had the pleasure of attending three bridal showers, two of them I have helped to plan, and frankly; I'm bored. Each shower had one or two cute things that they did at them, otherwise it was gawking at the Bride, who babbles about the wedding and the groom, and then opens presents. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the presents, I'm not ashamed of that. Wedding gifts have got to be one of the perks of the modern wedding traditions. But, how can that be fun for the guests. My wedding shower is a long way off, like more then a year, but I want to do something more interesting then inviting all my female friends, relatives and in-laws over, dressing them up in toilet paper dresses, and thanking them all profusely for their thoughtful gifts.

I love the wine tasting idea, though I'm not sure all my family would go for it.

What fun and unique ideas have you heard for bridal showers?


  1. Hello :) I wrote a Weddingbee board post a long time ago about Eugene vendor reviews...don't visit WB too often anymore, but just saw that you had responded, so I wanted to get back to you! Our florist was Passionflower. They blew me away; by far my favorite thing about my wedding. Venue was Northern Lights Christmas Tree farm in Pleasant Hill, about 15 minutes outside of Eugene... I have lots of great things to say about them too. I'm happy to share any more info if you'd like (I'm sadly still in planning withdrawal). amysgotmail at gmail.com. Enjoy your engagement!

  2. Thank you for getting back to me, I appreciate you stopping by. Passion flower is a very amazing florist, I've seen some of their work (though I think they're probably out of our budget...) Who did you use for a caterer?