Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm happy just to dance with you...

One of the tasks that I've started on slowly, is building the play list for our reception. We're doing the iPod and speakers thing, and then hopefully our friend who for years was a wedding DJ will keep an eye on things and keep us organized. Anyone who knows me knows that I have rather eclectic music tastes. Put my iTunes on random and you'll get Alkaline Trio, Billy Joel, The Chieftains, Flobots, Frank Sintara, Mozart and Broadway. Something that is important to Luke and I both is that the reception be fun. We want people to dance and have fun. But we want to be able to dance to, real dancing. Swing, Cha Cha etc. So finding a balance of stuff I like, and stuff our friends nad family will like is definintely a challange. I haven't spent too much time on it, but every time I'm listening to music and I come accross a song or two that I think will be good, I just add it to my play list 'wedding'. In my surfing through wedding sites and articles I came accross an interesting list of 'first dance' songs. I don't think we'll do a first dance, but regardless, I think these are good songs to consider having on the play list. Alternativly, these are probably songs that a DJ would be familiar with, so if there are any songs on this list that you DON'T like, make sure to put them on the don't play list.
First Dance Songs, thanks to Marth Stuart


  1. these are some great starting points. while we're having a dj, we are going to have a strict list that includes all songs needed for the cocktail hour, dinner, dancing and various events which will take place. how many songs are you looking into organizing, just out of curiousity? i'm trying to get an idea of how many i need to be planning for.


  2. I'm not totally sure how much. Maybe about four hours worth? It depends on what my friend who we're hoping will pseudoDJ for us thinks, and whether we do a set order, or just leave it on random all night :) But we only have a luncheon/dinner/reception. No cocktail hour or anything.