Friday, December 19, 2008


I try hard not to buy into the Wedding Industrial Complex. We are doing a lot of DIY stuff. I will more then likely not have a poufy princessy gown, but a simple pretty white dress. We are buying as much as we can locally and a focus on environmental impact and celebrating our commitment with our friends and family are our priorities.

But sometimes you get caught up in things. I WANT to loose 25 pounds before my wedding. I want things to match. We must have gorgeous center pieces. And of course when you think about it, those things don't actually matter. If the green on the invitations is different then the green on the bride's sash, no one will complain.

As a reminder to how ridiculous the American Bridal Culture can be, please enjoy.

Of course the scary part is that WETV is real.*shudder* I'm so glad I don't watch television.


  1. I LOVE this clip. I love that I'm not alone in thinking that TV shows and magazines like this are designed to make you feel fat no matter what you look like.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Thanks for the laugh!! Personally I think wedding magazines are designed to make you feel poor and/or cheap no matter what your budget is. I bought 3 of them right after I got engaged and I have no desire to read any others! Now I just download the pretty pictures of flowers and cakes from the websites.

  3. Yea, for me bridal magazines are for the dual purpose of inspiration for what I can do myself, and cutting up to make collages!

  4. Coming late to the blog I have to admit that watching that clip made me laugh so hard my sides are aching.