Saturday, December 6, 2008

Simplifying things

This past week, Luke and I have made two decisions that are definite 'nos' for many brides. We've decided to forgo the official color palette, opting instead for a general "I like green" feel and just making choices that look good with what we already have. That means that the bridesmaids can choose more or less any dress they want that is not floor length (I don't want my bridesmaids having longer dresses then mine, and mine probably won't be floor length). And the gents can choose whatever color of vest they want, providing nothing clashes. Since the guys will be renting vests much closer to the date the the ladies will be purchasing dresses, we can make sure we don't have any awful color combos coming down the aisle together. The other thing this makes totally easier is choosing flowers. Instead of sticking to a color scheme for the flowers (which I plan to purchase at farmers markets and grocery stores day of, and rearrange myself), I can just buy some pretty flowers and call it good.

The other thing we have decided to leave out is guest favors. I have a small collection of bubble containers, mint tins etc. from a few friends' weddings. I've kept them because we're 'supposed' to, but I don't DO anything with them. Short of making edibles for guests, I can't come up with a favor that is useful, I like and won't break the bank. And edibles seem excessive because we're already hosting a dinner and desert. So it seems like an easy way to trim a few costs is to not do favors at all.

What do you guys think about cutting some traditional must haves like this? Do you think my guests will miss favors?


  1. I'm weary about the lack of color palate, but that's the costumer in me speaking. If people are shopping together and/or around the same time and you have some sort of oversight, you should be okay. The problems can turn up if you don't see fabrics up against each other... again, the costumer in me piping up. The only thing I would suggest is maybe setting a TONE: pastels, jewel tones, etc. Then you still have a certain feeling being conveyed without choosing your bridal party's clothing colors for them.

    I am a fan of the lack of party favor. There will be photos, etc. to remember the occasion. I did like the program/fans at the Gott wedding, but I think going simple like that (if you do anything) is the best choice.

  2. Programs are a must. I think we are going to copy Sarah's idea of having fans as programs, though ours might be a little different shaped and stuff. Thanks for the input.

  3. Coming late to this post, but I don't think your guests will miss favors at all. But I'm kind of weird about favors -- my attitude towards them has become almost hostile over the past few months. I hate how couples are pressured to "thank their guests for attending" by giving them some useless thing that 90% of the guests will either leave on the table or throw away at the hotel room. As if our loved ones would feel unwelcome if they didn't leave the wedding with a plastic dove ornament!

  4. @Bride In Exile
    That is exactly how I feel. I go to a wedding and I feel like I have to take home the useless bag of stuff that they hand out or else I will be an ungrateful guest. But I don't want it. If we were to do favors, it would have to be edible, but I just don't see it as a necessity.