Friday, June 24, 2011

A week with young children

I am a middle school and high school teacher. I work with kids ages 11 through 18... or so.

I am now working with nearly two dozen kids ages 5-10 and BOY is that different. I've come home absolutely exhausted. Challenges I get to deal with is crying because someone tripped them, whining about when snack is, and asking if it's time to go home. Wait, high schoolers do that last one too.

That being said this has been a huge adjustment week for me. The first day, I was afraid I wasn't going to enjoy this job after all. However, as week has gone by, I've adjusted. Despite the fact that I've managed to (mostly) loose my voice due to talking over them and attempting to get their attention (I've had to be very strict and a little yell-y), the buggers are growing on me, and I'm having a good time. I'm even looking forward to next week. This could be a really refreshing job for me after all.

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