Thursday, March 12, 2009

Right up my 'lily fair' alley!

Luke came up with a wonderful idea! He likes the idea of parasols for the bridesmaids (and probably one for me too)!

Considering July/August in Oregon can be quite hot, and we don't want to spend a fortune on flowers, I like the idea! What do you guys think?
Perhaps something like one of these?

$7.50 each from
$7.95 each from
$21.50 each from
$22 from
$8.95 each from
For the bride with more of a budget, perhaps you'd prefer these lovely Victorian inspired parasols from The Ladies Emporium. My favorite is the Battenberg Lace Parasol, in Ivory.

And then of course there is always ebay, which has a variety of parasol options, though of questionable quality sometimes...

Admittedly I didn't spend much time look in etsy for parasols, but I didn't find any that were in my price range...Most of what I found were also things that had parasols printed on them, or jewelry of parasols, not actual parasols...

So, parasol, good idea? Lame? As a replacement for flowers for my bridesmaids, or in addition to them?


  1. I think this idea is adorable! Our wedding is in April 2010 and I have been debating if I should by some of these for my BM's in case it rains. It would also be nice to have one for the HTB and I as well in case showers were to commence. Is your wedding outdoors?? If so then I think these would be a great replacement for flowers! If it's indoors though, I would wonder how comfortable people would be carrying a parasol into the church, much less opened.


  2. Parasols rock! As long as everyone knows to hold them on their (for lack of a better word) upstage shoulder, it would be very cool--and very you. Elegant, simply, pretty, delicate, classic. This says "Ruth's wedding" to me. [Not to leave Luke out, but for the girls standing next to you... well, you know what I mean :) ]

    I'm not familiar with the abbreviation HTB, what's it mean?

    Most of these parasols wouldn't hold up under rain, since they are paper, but I did see a play linked at one of the above websites that would rent really fancy waterproof umbrella/parasols.

    Our wedding is definitely out doors!! So no worried with people feeling weird about umbrellas indoors.

  4. @Tara Ya know the parasol thing didn't even occur to me until Luke mentioned it. And I'm pretty sure we're going to do it. I will probably still have flowers of some kind, haven't decided about my BMs and whatnot. I'm glad it seems so me :)

  5. Ruthie -
    I think this is such a great idea! I love that you can find some that are intricate, have funky but elegant designs, etc. I would even go for slightly different ones in the same color. And as far as practicality goes, I think your bridesmaids will be very thankful to have some nice shade to shield them from the sun.
    So yeah - I love this idea Ruthie! :)

    I think HTB is husband to be...?

  6. @ Brave New Sarah

    Ah, Husband to be, that makes sense.