Monday, November 17, 2008

A wedding (and life) of our very own.

I am one almost one month out from my engagement, and 621 days from our July 31, 2010 wedding. As the details come crashing down, and since the actual date is so far out, I need a place to organize my thoughts, without burdening all my friends with endless wedding blathering. So I created this blog in which to do it.

We're on a small budget, less the $10,000, though nothing is set in stone. We have a huge guest list (over 200 right now). We're DIY type of people, and since we have so much time to plan, we hope to do a lot of stuff ourselves. Well, here goes.


  1. Hello! I just came upon your blog through 2000 Dollar Budget Wedding. My wedding is in April 2010 and we are also attempting to have a simple and eco-friendly wedding on a budget of $8000. Please feel free to swing by and keep in touch with me; I will be sure to follow you and offer support, as it's pretty obvious you and I are running the same race! Take care!!

  2. Awesome, and thanks for the comments. Comments are totally what a blogger lives off of :)

  3. Just read your whole blog.


  4. Wow, Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!