Sunday, September 5, 2010

In the first of my non-wedding related posts

I have been directed, via a few friends, to Sunday Scribblings, a blog which posts weekly prompts.

This week's prompt is WAIT. Which is something I feel like I'm doing an awful lot of. Most recently I was waiting to get over jet lag, so I could have the energy to do the things that I want to do now, things around our home (we're planning on painting most of the rooms of our house), wedding wrap up things (sorting photos, writing thank yous).

Of course now that I'm over the jet lag, I've fallen back into my sedentary ways and haven't made nearly as much progress as I thought I would.

I'm also waiting on a lot of other things though. Waiting to get a full time job is a big one. Once I have a job, with some job security we can start a family, and spend a little more money on making our house nice, and invest in some more authentic materials for our SCA projects, and actually start saving money and paying back student loans with larger payments.

We always seem to be waiting on friends to get back to us on plans, in limbo, holding a date but waiting to make sure folks can actually come.

Waiting seems to be an inevitability of life, however, my mom has a motto, that can make the waiting not so bad, that she has taken from James Taylor.


  1. Well time is too real sometimes, and the waiting might make us gray way too fast. I hope you get a job soon.

  2. Thanks, I appreciate it.

    I think the trick is to turn the waiting from waiting into time spent :)

  3. congrats on a new married life...wish you luck and are waiting on the good things in living arrangements...a better job...enjoy

  4. Thanks gs batty, that's one thing to be thankful for. I'm only waiting for positive things!