Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Second Reception, in the works!

Over the Holiday weekend we talked with both of our families some about the wedding. Luke's mom especially had a bunch of ideas to share with us.

We've been dealing with this issues of the guest list. I may have mentioned before that my super power is that I know everyone. On top of that we both have large families, and we see our wedding as the excuse to throw a big party (something we love to do anyways!).

This has resulted in a long guest list, minimum of 300. Now we know that not all of these people will come, whats the rule of thumb? Two thirds of the folks who you invite will come? But Zanne, Luke's mom, came up with a great idea! There are a lot of people (who have large families) that are friends of Luke's from his church up in Corvallis. They are people who perhaps were a large part of Luke's life as a child, but are less so now. Many of them have more of a relationship with his parents, then with him.

So instead of inviting many of those church folk, his parents have offered to host a receptions especially for the people from their church after we return from our honeymoon. That way we can still celebrate with them, but not invite them to the wedding. This is a great compromise because I know Luke was really struggling choosing who to invite to the wedding from the church and who not it. It's not a large church, which means that everyone knows each other well, but it's big enough to be one of the largest groups of people on our list.

I'm so relieved to have a solution to help us pare down that list. I mean, I'm glad to be having a large wedding, but seeing all those names is a little overwhelming, and I know we wouldn't be able to chat with each of them individually!

Bonus? I get to wear my wedding dress again!


  1. "YEAH!" @ 2nd chance to rock the dress!

    This is a really great idea. Our list has grown from 100 to 250, and honestly, after he showed me how much I should be saving per month *gulp* we're going to have to cut back and I'm not sure how to do it without offending people.

    Keith is wayyyy more cool with the idea of "chop, chop" to the list, but I'm "friends" with EVERYONE and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. :-(

    I'll see what he thinks of the second reception idea....thanks!

  2. @GemEnigma Glad I could help! Thanks for reading, and your comment. Hope you guys find a good solution.