Monday, July 13, 2009

yawn! Are we down to a year yet?

So. If I can't/don't make my own wedding dress, that's ok. I've been keeping my eye out for dresses that are $200 or less that I might like for my wedding. We'll see how that goes. I'm still gonna finish the mock up's I've started though.
This wrap-dress-thingy looks possible. In Vanilla, if the fabric's not too thin.

This guest book idea is TOTALLY cute to, having people fill out cards and then have them alphabetized. I like alphabetizing. I keep finding more and more things that I might want Twin Raven's Press to print.

I also really really really like this idea for Trivia Centerpieces. I don't think I'd do wedding trivia. More like trivia about the things Luke and I are into, but same idea. Or maybe Trivia about Luke and I! Or trivia about different guests!

I also realized that once we get the caterer booked, we've got the big stuff under control. Food. Location. Someone to do the marrying. The rest is just details.

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